Hey, family my name is Leslie Crawford and welcome to I Choose Me.

Thank you for visiting my page.  A little about myself, I was born and raised in Baltimore, MD.  I am a child of God first, mom second, and entrepreneur third.  This page will take you into my world.  I will be very transparent about the things I have gone through in my life. 

As a speaker and founder of I Choose Me, I like to have open dialogue with women about the issues that society doesn't like to talk about.  We need to be open about the choices we make and why we make them.  We have to start holding ourselves accountable to things that happen to us.  Recognize it and change it. 

Leslie Crawford founded the β€œI Choose Me” campaign in February of 2018, as a movement to help garner awareness around self-love and self-prioritizing. 

Mission Statement: I Choose Me promotes and encourages the practice of self-love, self-awareness and self-value.

I hope to show women the importance of securing their personal wellness and security by choosing themselves first in life, love, and relationships before choosing to extend themselves physically, mentally or emotionally.