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This is for all the Black Women that was called angry because She didn't bow down to their needs.

This is for all the Black Women that was called angry because She didn't bow down to their needs.

What is an angry Black Woman?

From most of Tyler Perry movies, the stereotypes in Corporate America, bad break-ups, and the majority of society telling us we’re angry. 

When Tyler Perry first hit the scene I was a fan.  I saw his plays, was inspired by his drive to be successful, and saw most of his movies.  After a while I started noticing a pattern with him.  The majority of his movies and plays were about a Black Woman acting crazy and angry over a man.  From Diary of a Mad Black Woman, Why Did I Get Married? (Black Women being angry and acting crazy), Hell Hath no Fury Like a Woman Scorned, I Can Do Bad  All By Myself, and Acrimony; I don’t know what woman hurt him or what message he was trying to display.  Quite frankly I got tired of his message.  Why do Black Women get the roles of being angry because of a relationship?  When other races get the sweet Homemaker turned successful woman after a breakup role.  Hollywood can we do better at how Black Women are portrayed after a breakup?

From being passed up on the position we deserved because of the color of our skin.  They make us believe in order to make it to the top we have to treat other Black Women bad.  Just because our sister is under us or not in a powerful position in our eyes, we degrade her.  They convince us to make her feel less and it’s all done in front of everyone else.  There’s that stereotype that Black Women can’t work together.  Forget women but Black Women can’t get along.  Do you think that’s why Black Women is “angry” in the workplace?

We have your back through everything.  From the loss of a job, a parent, the jail sentence, dealing with the ex-girlfriend/wife, and so much more.  After we lift you up, carry you on our shoulders, clean the hurt of the world from your back, and stick with you through the healing process; you leave us.  We help you put all of the pieces back together and you tell us “this isn’t working out.”  We carry your children and at times they don’t make it to the end.  From hours of labor and months of depression because we lose the baby.  Either you can’t handle losing the baby or you know longer want to be a daddy; you leave.  You say the pressure is too much.  You tell your friends this wasn’t what you signed up for.  You move on to another woman of another race.  According to you it’s because we have an attitude problem.  You a black man no longer like Black Women.  You leave us for the woman that you think will look good on your arm.  The woman that you believe will give your kids that “good hair” and a certain complexion that society won’t be scared of.  You rather be with a woman who entire race broke you down and tore you apart, instead of the woman that sacrificed everything to put you back together.  All that is done to us Black Women, we still stand strong while carrying the weight of the world on our shoulders.  Are we angry or hurt?

Out of 37 years of my life I never had someone call me an “angry black woman” to my face.  I was talking to a black man on the phone.  We weren’t dating, only getting to know each other.  He asked me a sexual question and I told him it was none of his business.  He told me I disrespected him because most grown women would have answered him.  That comment lead to an argument and he said “God will never bless you with a boyfriend, let alone a husband.  Your nothing but an angry Black Woman.” 

At first I laughed at him and hung up on him.  Later I thought about it and started wondering if I was an angry Black Woman.  I’ve been told that I had an attitude problem; so maybe I am an angry Black Woman.  That thought didn’t last long.  I wasn’t an angry Black Woman.  I was a woman that was tired.  I was tired of society putting a label on us because we didn’t do what they thought we should have done.  I was tired of constantly being hurt by men that we march for and protect every day.  I was hurting because my father walked away because he didn’t want to be a father.  I am tired because I have to raise a young man in a world that sees him as a threat.  Pretty much I was confused because this man bragged about how he was this Christian man, he loved God so much, and he was a protector and provider; but because he didn’t get the response he wanted I was angry.  I laughed at him and he wanted me to curse him out or start yelling.  He automatically labeled me as angry without me being angry, only because he didn’t get his way.  Men label us as angry because we get upset when we find out they cheated.  Society label us as angry because we speak up for ourselves. 

Stop calling us angry Black Women because you can’t have your way.  We’re not angry Black Women, we’re hurting and tired Black Women.  Women are angry period, not just Black Women.

Mr. Tyler Perry and all of the Hollywood execs out there try to find another storyline about Black Women because this one is getting old.  We’re business owners and CEO’s of major corporations now.  We are leading the world as the fastest growing group of business owners, treat us like it.  Start looking at us like the Queens we are.  Corporate America start giving us the positions we deserve.  If you don’t we still win because the business we open will be your biggest competition.  Black men we will always love and support you.  Stop calling us angry because we didn’t respond the way you wanted us to respond.  We have the right to our opinion and voicing them doesn’t make us angry but human.  Tyler and all of the other black men out there, when you stop portraying us as angry maybe society will start to look at us in a different light. 

Black Women continue to rise and stand strong! We are the building blocks of this world, without us they have nothing. 

Not Good Enough!                                 Jasmin Green

Not Good Enough! Jasmin Green

Welcome to I Choose Me!

Welcome to I Choose Me!